Welcome to our cattery here in Ireland. We are a world renowned breeder of top quality Bengals Cats. 
Irelands number 1 and longest established breeder of Bengal cats since 2009.
We selected our breeding cats from the very best lines in the world and crossed these lines to produce spectacular kittens.
SUNSTORM cats can now be found in the pedigree's of cats owned by most of the best breeders around the world.
Our reputation as registered reputable breeders of quality cats speaks for itself.

Our kittens are known for their superb muscular wild type, stunning leopard patterns on luxurious coats with gorgeous colour and extreme contrast. We breed extremely healthy, active and intelligent cats a trait probably inherited from the wild cat's natural selection for survival in the jungle. Bengals are the only domestic cats that have rosettes. The rosette gene is inherited from the wild A.L.C.

 Contact by email is preferred to:- or message us on Facebook. 

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***Deposits are now being taken for our first litter of 2024 due very soon ***
All our 2023 kittens have now left for new homes we will have new kittens available soon. Deposits are now being taken for 2024 waiting list.

We have some beautiful young adults available for new homes. 
Please get in touch if you would like to reserve a cat or kitten or need any further information not on the information page. 

Our kittens are TICA registered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. They are genetically health tested for all the breed specific issues. They are bred for exceptional quality, stunning breed type, exquisite coat quality, beautiful clarity and colour, amazing rosetted patterns and extreme contrast. But most importantly wonderful sweet and friendly temperaments.

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