Welcome to our Cattery located in IRELAND.
World renowned breeder of top quality Bengals Cats.
We selected our cats from the very best breeding lines in the world and crossed these lines and produce spectacular kittens.
SUNSTORM cats can now be found in the pedigree's of cats owned by most of the best breeders around the world.
Our reputation as registered reputable breeders of quality cats speaks for itself.

Our kittens are known for their superb muscular wild type, stunning leopard patterns on luxurious coats with gorgeous colour and extreme contrast. We breed extremely healthy, active and intelligent cats a trait probably inherited from the wild cat's natural selection for survival in the jungle.
We can arrange world wide export of our kittens, our kittens can be delivered for a small charge to the U.K. 
 Tele :- Home (00353) 090 6627320 
Mobile (00353) 087 2045917 email :-  allycoxon@gmail.com  
Latest News
Updated 22nd November 2020 : 
All our 2020 kittens are now reserved. 
Our breeding cats are having their winter break but we will have more kittens in the new year. Our 2021 breeding plans have been announced if you would like to be placed on our waiting list for 2021 kittens please get in touch by email. Deposits to be placed on our waiting list will only be taken once we have confirmed pregnancies.
Due to the current coronavirus situation we will only be accepting visitors for collections with quick handover. We will have some new retired adults available on our rehoming page soon Click here to take a look.
Our kittens are bred for exceptional quality, stunning breed type, exquisite coat quality, beautiful clarity and colour, amazing rosetted patterns and extreme contrast. But most importantly wonderful sweet and friendly temperaments.

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Please add 5% for fees or send via friends and family to allycoxon@gmail.com

Tica awarded cattery
Since 2011 we have held a Outstanding
Cattery Certificate and rated excellent.
We are part of the voluntary responsible breeder
program and adhere to the code of ethics.
We are world renowned breeders of top quality Bengals in all colours, stunning golden brown rosetted kittens, Snow (Lynx, Mink & Sepia), Charcoal (Brown, Silver & Snow), Silver and occasionally blue and melanistic kittens. To view the kittens we have available, click available kittens at the top of the page. Once on the available kitten page you will see a list of pairings available. Click the links below the parents pictures to view the kittens from that litter. If you are interested in one of our current cats or kittens or would like to be placed on our waiting list for a future kitten please feel free to get in touch.

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