Ryder is our stunning keeper girl from Bailey and Abby.
D.O.B  16/01/2017
Brown Rosetted Female


Ryder is our amazing keeper girl from Bailey and Abby.  She combines so many of the best features from our cats as we bred both her parents here from some of our best imported cats. We loved her from the first moment we saw her and are totally amazed at her beauty. She has an amazing coat with fantastic contrast, rich brown doughnut rosettes with black outlines on a lovely light ground colour and with a beautiful pattern without bars. She is a good size girl with solid boning and a strong thick tail.She has great head type, beautiful huge nocturnal eyes, medium well placed rounded ears, good profile and strong deep chin. Add to this her super friendly and very sweet personality, we love everything about her and cannot wait to see what she produces. She will carry one of the snow genes.


 Ryder is PK-Def N/N and PRA-b N/PRA