Your new kitten will come from the best very breeding lines from throughout the world and will be to the bengal breed standard.

Our kittens come fully vaccinated with Nobivac tri cat, which is done at 9 and 12 weeks.

Kittens will have been wormed three times.
A 5 day course of Panacur at 6 weeks against Giardia, Lung, Hook, Tape and Roundworms.
Drontal All wormer at 9 weeks and with Panacur again at 11 to 12 weeks. We do NOT have any fleas or earmites in our home or cattery and do not treat unnecessarily for this. .

Kittens start to be weaned at around 4 weeks old but this can vary depending on size of litter etc.
If they are difficult to start weaning we soak royal canin babycat biscuits in royal canin babycat milk and mix it up with a little royal canin instinctive babycat mousse. But we find they normally wean easily onto the raw chicken paste.

They are fed 3 to 4 wet food meals per day. We give either "Barkin Bistro" raw chicken paste meat, Smilla or Bozita grain free canned wet food alternately in the morning, at midday at teatime and another meal in the evening.
We leave Royal Canin dried food and fresh water down at all times. The kittens occasionally start off with Babycat but soon move onto kitten 36 long before going to new homes.

Kittens will come with full registration papers on collection. They will be registered with The International Cat Association, on either the Active or Non-Active register. This means they will be registered worldwide and not just in Ireland. They can also be Gccfi Registered if necessary.

They will be microchipped included in purchase price.

If sold as pets on the non - active they will be neutered, included in the price.

They will leave with 4 generation pedigree full of Champions

Kittens will be litter trained and are used to woodbased litter

They will have been checked by a veterinarian at least twice and will come with health certificate/guarantee and kitten contract.

Kittens are very well socialized and handled all the time. Both myself and my husband work from home so kittens in constant contact with us all day.

All kittens bought on the pet register will come neutered, depending on their size. If not already neutered they must be neutered by 6 months of age, registration papers will be with held until proof from your Veterinary Surgeon of neutering.

We are here to help 24/7 and happy to take your calls and answer any questions.




Introducing your new kitten to your home

This is the most stressful time of your new kittens life and every care should be taken to help him/her settle into their new home. Adding a new kitten to your home can be a very rewarding or a very frustrating experience. It all depends upon how well you plan ahead for the new member of your family.

Before you bring your new kitten home be certain you have: · 
Purchased the same type of food the kitten is used to eating so you won’t upset its stomach by changing its diet suddenly.
Have a clean litter box ready. ·
Have good quality food and water bowls ready ·
Have a cosy soft bed. ·

Well, imagine that you have always lived in the same place where you were born and have never left there. You know your siblings, your mother, and your people.
You also know exactly where to find your food, fresh water and your litter box.

NOW, imagine strange people come and take you away from everything you have ever known and drop you into the middle of a big strange house. Wouldn’t you be afraid? Sure !! Would you automatically know where to find your food and water and your litter box? Of course not !! You might run and hide under furniture or in a dangerous location like behind the refrigerator. Then the new people yell for you to get out from under the couch and reach and drag you out. You might get scared of them.

NOW imagine being placed in a small quiet room with food you are used to, fresh water and a litter box all easy to find. You are given time to quietly explore your new space. And soon see that these nice new people mean you no harm, because every time they come to see you they sit quietly and talk sweetly to you and pet you. In a few days you are ready for them to leave the door open so you can start to explore the rest of the house at your own pace.

SO PLEASE, set up a small room for your new kitten. Remove anything that could hurt the kitten and if a bathroom be sure to close the toilet seat. If your kitten cries when left alone and comes running to you when you come to visit, it is ready to become friends with you and start to explore the rest of the house.

IF YOU HAVE OTHER CATS AND/OR DOGS, you will also need to plan for a slow introduction of your new kitten.
PLEASE keep your new kitten away from all of your other pets for at least a week. This gives the kitten a chance to be eating well and become confident with you. It also allows your other pets to begin to get used to the smell of your new kitten. Your other pets will sniff around the door of the room housing your new kitten and you will have its scent on your clothes.

DO NOT force the animals together. Do your best to monitor their interactions. If things get too rough, separate the kitten back to its room. Do not leave your new kitten alone with other pets until you are absolutely sure that they will get along. Don’t leave a small kitten alone with even the sweetest big dog. Accidents can and will happen. When you leave the house, put the kitten back in its room.



My kittens are weaned on a premium quality diet of Barkin Bistro raw chicken paste and Royal Canin dried “Kitten 36”. I also give them Smilla or Bozita grain free canned wet food. Leave a bowl of the dried food and water for your kitten at all times. Give wet/fresh food 3 or 4 times a day, sparingly as too much will upset their tummies. Cows milk is NOT good for cats and will upset their tummies Bengals can be very sensitive to dietary change and it is not advisable to change their diet too quickly, if at all. They are used to wood based cat litter- woody cat or similar. Kittens are wormed with Panacur regularly throughout their development. Your kitten should be wormed again in about 6 weeks time and regularly there after. Kittens will have been fully vaccinated (two vaccines) against feline panleucopenia, calicivirus and feline herpes virus. 
All vaccinations require an annual booster to maintain cover. Please ensure your kitten is taken to the vets for this every year.

PLEASE be aware of danger from traffic and thieves if planning to let your cat out. We recommend that our kittens be indoor cats only due to these dangers. Houseplants and cut flowers can be very dangerous to kittens. Lillie’s, if ingested are highly poisonous and your kitten will almost certainly be dead within 48 hrs of eating any part of these deadly flowers. Immediate action is required and a trip to the vets essential if this happens. Poinsettia plants, very popular at Christmas are another hazard. Please check information about any houseplant/cut flowers if in any doubt.

WARNING! Please be careful with washing machines, tumble driers etc. as kittens love to crawl into warm dark places to sleep. Ensure all appliance doors are kept closed at all times. Kittens also hate vacuum cleaners and everyone’s sounds slightly different. Do think of your kitten when starting up your vacuum and do it as far away from him/her as possible. We recommend that you have your kitten insured as this can save you in the long term. REMEMBER …the key to a healthy, happy kitten, is to keep him/her STRESS FREE!!
Undue stress can cause a kitten to become unwell, so please bear in mind and give your new kitten space and the peace and quiet they need when they first arrive in their new home. Last but not least enjoy your new kitten and give him/her lots of LOVE and CUDDLES.!!!