Visitor information

I often get asked if people can come to visit my cattery and cats. So I have decided to make an information page to help my clients.

Although I do understand that buyers may want to do a home visit, I also have to differentiate between genuine buyers and people that are just looking for a nice day out. For this reason I encourage buyers to choose a cat or kitten from pictures and video’s on my website or Facebook page and pay the €250 deposit before visiting. I regularly do videos, photos and text updates and keep in touch with new owners so many choose not to visit until collecting their new kitten. If buyers prefer to choose a kitten in person then I charge a non refundable visiting fee of €250 euro to be paid before visiting. This will be your deposit once you choose a kitten. If you decide against buying a kitten then the visiting fee is not refunded but used towards the care of my cats.

Without wanting to sound rude, I am a reputable breeder and not a pet store, you cannot just turn up to buy a "off the shelf" cat or kitten. There needs to be some preparation before buying a pet and there are things you need to buy in advance of taking your pet home. Many of the foods we feed can only be bought online so will take a few days to arrive and it would be so stressful to take a kitten home without preparing first.

Visiting protocol : People will also often say “Oh we thought you had a cattery we can visit”

I do have a large spacious Cattery, this is a private space for my cats, it’s their home where they feel safe. It is not open to the general public as we are a in home cattery. While my males, some females and females being bred are in my cattery, my kittens are born at raised in my home, often in very private rooms such as bedrooms. For this reason and also because of the ongoing covid pandemic I have a dedicated room for visits and collections with a separate entrance to my home. Due to a very bad reaction to the covid vaccine I cannot have booster vaccinations and I have allergies and asthma so I have to be very careful of the risk to myself and my family.  I am the main carer of my animals and I cannot risk being ill. There will be no access to any other rooms in my home and no use of the toilet or bathroom while at my property.  There are plenty of places on the way to me in all directions so please stop and do one last toilet stop before arriving at my property if needed.

Weather permitting and whenever possible collections will be done outside otherwise kittens will be brought to the designated room for viewing, as this room has an external door leading directly outside this is not a room that they live in or are used to so kittens will be held while in this room. If the mothers are still in my home, then they will prefer not to be brought into this room. Cats in the cattery can be viewed from outside of their external runs if they wish to come out. There will be no access inside of the cattery. Visits will be limited to two people at a time so it does not get too busy and noisy for my kittens. You will be given a allocated visiting time so not to clash with other visitors or with busy times in my working day. This has worked well for both myself and my clients over the past 13 years I having been breeding, from before and also during the pandemic. I ask that all visitors wear a mask and try to limit the time they are here. Thank you for reading my new visitor information sheet and for understanding the visiting rules.