Sunstorm Dancing On The Sand

Sire : Rozzicats Hot Iceburg

Dam : Sumarum Selena

Colour : Brown Spotted Tabby : Carrier of Lynx or Sepia. Non carrier of marble pattern gene.

SBT 033010 079     D.O.B. 30/03/19

PK-Def and PRA-b Normal

Rio is our stunning keeper girl from Ice and Selena. We absolutely adore this girl. She has a incredible short tight glass like pelted coat with wonderful even sized rosettes and amazing flow to her pattern. She is a strong muscular girl with fabulous breed type.





Sunstorm Maple Syrup

Sire : Anjali Shining Star

Dam : Sunstorm Super Nova

Colour : Brown Spotted Tabby

SBT 051619 048     D.O.B. 16/05/19

PK-Def and PRA-b Normal

Mable is our beautiful golden brown rosetted keeper girl from Hutch and Nova. She has amazing amber eyes and huge rosettes. More details as she gets older.