Retired cats available as pampered pets.
This page shows some of our adults or older kittens we have for sale.

It is always sad to see our girls and boys go to new homes once they retire from breeding, but we are happy that they are going to be loved and pampered and given more one to one attention. Some of our cats will always stay here as pets but we cannot keep them all and continue to breed.
These cats will be either young adults who have had some litters and are being retired or possibly an older kitten that we were keeping back for breeding but have decided to sell. Because they are breeding cats they will be a super quality and a great example of the bengal breed. With great pedigree, coat pattern and type.
They will come with 5 generation pedigree all registration documents signed over to you on day of sale and they will be neutered. They will be very realistically priced for the quality of cat as a good home is our main concern. As a hybrid cat Bengals form a strong bond with their owner so we prefer experienced and patient new owners for them that can give them the time they need to adapt to their new home and new owner.
Our retired cats are not sold on to other breeders when their breeding days are over.

Please click on the link to go to their own pages where you can view more pictures and information, age, pedigree etc.


Selena is an incredibly special silver rosetted Bengal female. She is very rare in that she has absolutely no tarnish at all which is extremely hard to find in a silver Bengal.This means she has a crisp silver coat with white counter shading and no brown tinges to her coat. She really is a head turner and everyone that visits our cattery is blown away by her beauty. Selena was imported from the czech republic and has produced some amazing kittens for us. Her personality is sweet and gentle but she can be a little shy at first with strangers. Selena is now retired and looking for her forever home. Adoption fee : €400 euro : Available

Lettie is our incredibly gorgeous red spotted tabby Oriental shorthair girl. She is a big girl and has a heart to match. She is the sweetest most affectionate cat you could ever imagine, all she wants is to be around people. Lettie sleeps with us in our bed at night and it is a very hard decision to let her go, but we feel she would be happier with someone who has more time to spend with her. So we are looking for a home where someone will be home most of the time. So either someone that works from home or is retired. Lettie is neutered and ready to go. Rehoming fee €400 euro Available

Luck is a stunning Chocolate tabby point Siamese girl who originated from Lithuania. She is a very sweet and delicate little girl who will fit right into any home. She is sweet and affectionate with both adults and children and gets on well with other cats and with dogs. She has a fabulous pedigree full of international champions including her mum. Luck was shown once as a kitten where she did extremely well. She is neutered and is looking for her forever home. Adoption fee €295 euro. Available and ready to go to her new home.

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