Retired cats available as pampered pets.
This page shows some of our adults or older kittens we have for sale.

It is always sad to see our girls and boys go to new homes once they retire from breeding, but we are happy that they are going to be loved and pampered and given more one to one attention. Some of our cats will always stay here as pets but we cannot keep them all and continue to breed.
These cats will be either young adults who have had some litters and are being retired or possibly an older kitten that we were keeping back for breeding but have decided to sell. Because they are breeding cats they will be a super quality and a great example of the bengal breed. With great pedigree, coat pattern and type.
They will come with 5 generation pedigree all registration documents signed over to you on day of sale and they will be neutered. They will be very realistically priced for the quality of cat as a good home is our main concern. As a hybrid cat Bengals form a strong bond with their owner so we prefer experienced and patient new owners for them that can give them the time they need to adapt to their new home and new owner.
Our retired cats are not sold on to other breeders when their breeding days are over.

Please click on their picture to go to their pages where you can view more pictures and information, age, pedigree etc.



Our stunning girl Honey will be retiring soon and looking for a forever home. Honey has always been one of our favourite girls as she is incredibly beautiful inside and out. Honey has amazing black outlined rosettes on a beautiful golden coat and has the most amazing clarity and contrast. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl but she takes a little time to get used to changes. We have two of her beautiful daughters who will stay here to replace mum in our breeding program. Honey will be neutered after she weans her current litter and will be looking for her forever home. Click on her picture for more information. Rehoming fee €400 euro Not Available at the moment.


Our very beautiful Oriental shorthair girl Asia will be retiring very soon and looking for her forever home. She is a Brown (Black) Classic Torbie and is 5 years old. She has produced some stunning kittens for us but we have decided it's time for her to enjoy her time as a much loved pet. She is a sweet and affectionate girl who loves to be around people and loves attention. She gets on well with easy going male cats but doesn't get on with other females. She must be kept as a indoor only cat as we don't allow our cats to go out. She will be neutered and ready to go to her new home after she weans her current litter. Rehoming fee €400 euro : Available


Our beautiful Santana will be retiring once she weans her current litter. Santana is a friendly girl with no temperament problems, she gets on well with other cats, is used to dogs and would be fine with respectful children. She is a big strong girl with a stunning rich golden coat and ink black smaller rosettes. She will be neutered before leaving once she weans her kittens from her current litter. Click on her picture for more details. Rehoming fee €400 euro Not Available at the moment.

Sunstorm Midnight Amber

The video had already gone viral on the internet over the past five years or so. It is of one of our kittens Sunstorm Midnight Amber in her new home with her best buddy Willow the Weimaraner. It's shows how wonderful Bengal cats are and we are so proud of this girl. But we were totally blown away when Cadbury decided to use the video in a commercial for their dairy milk medley bar.