Retired cats available as pampered pets.
This page shows some of our adults or older kittens we have for sale.

It is always sad to see our girls and boys go to new homes once they retire from breeding, but we are happy that they are going to be loved and pampered and given more one to one attention. Some of our cats will always stay here as pets but we cannot keep them all and continue to breed.
These cats will be either young adults who have had some litters and are being retired or possibly an older kitten that we were keeping back for breeding but have decided to sell. Because they are breeding cats they will be a super quality and a great example of the bengal breed. With great pedigree, coat pattern and type.
They will come with 5 generation pedigree all registration documents signed over to you on day of sale and they will be neutered. They will be very realistically priced for the quality of cat as a good home is our main concern. As a hybrid cat Bengals form a strong bond with their owner so we prefer experienced and patient new owners for them that can give them the time they need to adapt to their new home and new owner.
Our retired cats are not sold on to other breeders when their breeding days are over.

Please click on the link to go to their own pages where you can view more pictures and information, age, pedigree etc.



Amber is our beautiful homebred girl from our now retired American import boy Anjali Shining Star and our beautiful mink girl Champion Sunstorm Clouded Fudge. Amber is a gorgeous girl with a lovely rich golden colour and lovely large rosettes. She has been a great queen for us and will be retired soon after she weans her final litter and will be looking for a forever home of her own. She is a rather shy girl with people she doesn't know and will need time to blossom and adjust to a new home. She will be fine with another cat or cat friendly dog, but no very young children as she needs a quieter home to help her come out of her shell. If you are interested, please get in touch she will be neutered and ready to leave mid December. Click on her picture for more pictures and information. Reserved

Riko (F2 Bengal)

Riko is our amazing F2 Bengal this means that she is only 2 generations from the wild Asian Leopard cat. F2's are extremely hard to breed as they have a high percentage of wild genes and don't often breed like domestics do. We brought Riko into our cattery a few years ago to attempt to breed early generation Bengals but sadly Riko had other idea's and has never came into season. Riko was a very expensive purchase as you can imagine but we have now decided it's time to give up and find her a loving pet home. Riko is a sweet cat but definitely retains a lot of wild characteristics so is available only to a experienced Bengal or Savannah home. She must be kept as a 100% indoor only cat and does not eat dried food. Click on her picture for more pictures and information. Rehoming fee : €500 euro Available

Lettie & Strawberry

Lettie and Strawberry are our incredibly affectionate retired Oriental shorthair girls. Lettie is a beautiful red spotted tabby and is a big girl with a heart to match. She is the sweetest most affectionate cat you could ever imagine.
Strawberry is our beautiful brown/red spotted torbie girl. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl who loves to play fetch with her toys. Lettie and Strawberry are mother and daughter and have always lived together, they love to cuddle up on our lap and sleep next to us. They would love their very own family to cuddle up on the sofa watching TV with.. We are looking for a home for them together with no other cats so they can settle in easily. They are both neutered and ready to go. Rehoming fee €500 for the pair together. Available